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Help for Folders:
What are folders?

AMSER folders allow you to organize and save resource records. You must be logged in to AMSER to use the folder features. Once you are logged in on the home page, you will have the option to begin using folders in the column to the right under the Your Folders heading. You will notice that below each resource record is an icon marked Add to Folder. By clicking on this icon you add the resource to the active folder. You can remove resources from a folder by clicking on the Remove link under the resource entry in the folder.

How do I change active folders?

To change active folders, select the new folder in the drop down menu under Current Folder. The change will immediately take effect, so that any resources added now go into the new current folder.

How do I add more folders?

You can add new folders by clicking on the Manage Folders link just below the current folder drop down menu. On the Manage Folders page you can add a new folder by entering a name for the new folder in the text box next to Add New Folder in the upper right portion of the page, and then clicking on the Add button to create the new folder.

How do I delete a folder?

Click Delete Folder from the Manage Folders page. Please note that when you click on Delete Folder, the folder is immediately deleted - there is no additional step.

How do I rename a folder?

Click Rename Folder from the Manage Folders page. Type the new name in the space provided and click Save for the new name to take effect.

How do I reorder my folders?

Click on Drag Folder on the Manage Folders page. Drag the folder to the new location, and drop it by releasing the mouse button. Changes to the order of your folders take effect immediately.

How do I reorder the resources in a folder?

From the Manage Folders page, hold the cursor over the resource you wish to move. At this time, you may drag and drop individual resource to reorder them. Changes to the order of the resources take effect automatically. You may also reorder resources in the View This Folder page by clicking on the Drag Resource icon. Drag and drop the resource to its new location.

How do I move resources from one folder to another?

From the Manage Folders page, you can hold the cursor over a resource, drag it to any of your other folders, and drop it there.

How can I add a description to a folder?

From the View This Folder page, click on Add a Description next to the folder's name. Add the description of your folder in the space provided and click Save. The description will appear just below the folder name.

How do I add notes to a resource that's in my folder?

Once you are in one of your folders, you can add notes to the resources that you've collected by clicking on the Add Note button. A dialogue box will appear. You can type notes into it and either save the note or cancel it if you change your mind. Once you've created a note you can easily edit it by clicking on the note itself or delete it by clicking on the Delete Note button. Remember that if you choose to share your folder (see below) these notes will be visible to anyone else who views the folder.

How do I share a folder?

From the View This Folders page, check the Share This Folder box in the upper right of the screen. A box will appear to tell you the URL of your shared folder. Send that URL via email to anyone with whom you wish to share the folder - they do not need to be logged in to AMSER to see the folder contents or your notes. The URL is also listed below the name of the folder in the View This Folders page.

How do I change a folder so it is no longer shared?

Select that folder in the View This Folders page and uncheck the Share This Folder box. The URL will disappear from under the folder name, and the folder will be private again.

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